New Buckenham Parish Council Meetings.

Accessing online meetings via Zoom

During the Coronavirus emergency, Parish Council meetings will take place online using Zoom.  To view and listen to the meeting you will need a pc, laptop, tablet computer or mobile telephone with internet access. Please click this link
 If you are asked for a Meeting ID it is: 939 6476 6054
No password is required, but you will be placed into a "waiting room" until the clerk admits you, which will normally be after all of the Councillors have been admitted. 
It would be helpful to the Chair, other Councillors and Clerk if you identify yourself by ensuring that your name is  shown underneath your picture on the Zoom screen. Your device may default to "Ipad" or "user", which is of course not very helpful when determining who is speaking, especially if you have not attended a Parish Council meeting before. 
Members of the public are allowed to speak at the meeting during the "Public participation" item on each agenda. Outside those times you may be muted by the Clerk so that whoever is speaking can be heard properly . Please use the chat feature to let the Clerk know you wish to speak on any particular item. The Chair will determine whether this is appropriate.

     For those without internet access, or without working speakers on their device, the following telephone numbers will be available to ring to listen to the meeting. Please note you will be charged for the telephone call in accordance with your telephone calls package.

        0208 080 6592        0330 088 5830      0131 460 1196     0203 481 5237    0203 481 5240    0208 080 6591 

If you have any difficulties accessing the meeting, please contact the Clerk at  

If this is your first time using Zoom, the Clerk will be available from 7pm on the night of the meeting to help you connect. Phone no. 07963 197402