Parish Council Meetings (Coronavirus emergency)

When do we meet?


The parish Council normally meets on the second Tuesday of the month, except for August.

Other meetings (called Extraordinary Meetings) may be called to discuss particular issues and will be announced on the

website, and the agenda placed on the village noticeboard.  

Meetings normally start at 7.30pm. During the current emergency the Parish Council will try to stick to that same timetable, although the nature of the meeting will be somewhat different.



An agenda is essentially a list of things to be discussed at the meeting. The Parish Clerk issues the agenda at least three days before the meeting. The Council cannot make a decision at the meeting on anything not on the agenda. 

In addition to the agenda certain background papers and written reports are sometimes provided, which will also be available on this website, subject to their not containing confidential information. 

The agenda for each meeting has its own dedicated page on this website, which can be accessed by clicking the "meetings" button at the top of the page. Accompanying documents will be attached as links from the agenda page. A pdf version of each agenda is also available if you need to print off a copy .

Where do we meet?


During the current Coronavirus emergency physical Council meetings have been cancelled until further notice. However, as a temporary measure Parish Council Meetings are now authorised to be held online. The first such meeting will take place on Tuesday 14th April 2020. Instructions on how to access the meetings will be included on the agenda page for each meeting.



The term "minutes" refers to a record taken by the Parish Clerk of decisions taken by the Council at each meeting. These will normally be place on the website in draft form within two weeks of the meeting concerned.

One of the first items on every Parish Council Agenda is to approve the minutes of the previous meeting as a correct record.

Public attendance


Members of the public are welcome to attend Parish Council meeting. This is still the case whilst the Council is unable to meet physically.


The public are entitled to observe the councillors' discussions and decision making, except when it is necessary to exclude the public from part of the meeting in the interests of confidentiality.

To watch the meeting you will need a computer, tablet or mobile phone with a broadband connection. A link will be provided to the online meeting on each agenda page. 

It is customary for residents to be allowed to speak for a short period during each meeting to raise any issues of concern. To assist the Chair in the management of the meeting, members of the public will be muted during the online meeting except for the public parit