9th May 2017 Parish Council Agenda

Councillors are summoned and the public and press are invited to attend the Annual Meeting of  New Buckenham Parish Council at the Village Hall, Moat Lane, New Buckenham on  Tuesday 9th May 2017 at 7.30pm

1. Chairman: To elect a Chairman of the Council for 2017/18 and to sign the Declaration of Acceptance of Office 
2. Apologies: To consider apologies for absence  
3. Vice Chairman: To elect a Vice Chairman of the Council for 2017/18 
4. Minutes: To approve the Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 11th April 2017 as a correct record. 
5. Matters Arising: To receive reports on matters arising from those Minutes: (for update and information only) 
6. Declarations of Interest: To record declarations of interests not already recorded in the current Members’ Register of Interests and to consider requests for dispensation. 
7. Public participation: To suspend the meeting to enable public participation, including:  
a. District Councillor/County Councillor Reports

b. Parish Councillor Reports

c. Parishioners’ Comments & Questions 
8. Financial Matters:
a. To receive a financial report from the Clerk

b. To note the six monthly return from the Community Car Scheme (attached) and approve payment of the Parish Council contribution.

c. Playdale Ltd – to approve payment of the final invoice for Play Area improvements

d. To approve payments for May  2017 
9. Neighbourhood Development Plan: To receive a report of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party (attached).  The Working Party would like to invite individual Parish Councillors to let them know if there are any specific questions or themes they would like included in the survey. Could Councillors therefore give the matter some consideration before the meeting? 
10. Projects: Play area Improvements: To consider whether to hold a “ribbon cutting event” to mark the conclusion of the project