11th February 2020 Parish Council Agenda

Councillors are summoned and the public and press are invited to attend a Meeting of  New Buckenham Parish Council at the Village Hall, Moat Lane, New Buckenham on Tuesday 11th February 2020 at 7.30pm
Trevor Wenman,
Clerk to the Council
6th February 2020

1. Apologies: To consider apologies for absence  
2. Minutes: To approve the minutes of the Council Meeting held on 20th January 2020 as a correct record. 
3. Matters Arising: To receive reports on matters arising from those minutes: (for update and information only) 
4. Declarations of Interest: To record declarations of interests not already recorded in the current Members’ Register of Interests and to consider requests for dispensation. 

5. Public participation: To suspend the meeting to enable public participation, including:  
(a) District Councillor/County Councillor Report 

(b) Parish Councillor Reports

(c) Parishioners’ Comments & Questions 

6. Financial Matters: 
(a) To receive a financial report from the Clerk up to 31st January 2020 (attached)

(b) To approve payments for February  attached

(c)  Clerk's Salary

7. Planning (report attached)

(a) To consider planning applications received since the last meeting 

(b) To note planning decisions notified since the last meeting 

8. Notice Board

To consider options for the  third side of the Parish Council noticeboard. 

9. Rights of Way (public footpaths)

Progess report


10. Neighbourhood Plan

To receive an update from the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. 


11 . Amenities 

To receive updates where available on the following:
(a) Cemetery

(b) Allotments

​(c) Closed Churchyard

(d) Play area

(e) Cricket Pitch ​

(f) Grounds Maintenance

12. Items for next meeting

(a) Play area (options for new equipment to spend s.106 monies on)

(b) Closed Churchyard (discussion on the wildlife management plan)

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 10th March 2020 at 7.30pm

Circulation: Parish Councillors Andrew Bingham, Don Crossman, Mary Dowson, Steve Highton, Karen Hobley, Mary Manning, Paul Martin. District and County Councillor Stephen Askew