10th July 2018 Parish Council Agenda 

Councillors are summoned and the public and press are invited to attend a Meeting of  New Buckenham Parish Council at the Village Hall, Moat Lane, New Buckenham on
Tuesday 10th July 2018 at 7.30pm

1. Apologies: To consider accepting apologies for absence 

2. Minutes: To approve the Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 12th June 2018 as a correct record

3. Matters Arising: To receive reports of matters arising from those Minutes, and not covered elsewhere on the agenda: for update and information only 

4. Declarations of Interest:

To record declarations of interests not already recorded in the current Members’ Register of Interests 

5. Public Participation

To adjourn the meeting to allow public participation including:

(a) Parishioners’ Comments & Questions 

(b) District Councillor Report

(c) County Councillor Report

 6. Planning (Clerk)

To consider the following planning applications (click on the application numbers to access the appropriate page on the Breckland Planning website, or search for the applications at www.breckland.gov.uk/planningsearch) :


3PL/2018/0617/LB: Repairs and alterations to an existing terraced cottage - 7 Chapel Street.

3PL/2018/0628/LB &    3PL/2018/0767/HOU:     Part Demolition of rear two storey projection to be replaced with larger two storey extension - Woodbury Cottage, King Street

3PL/2018/0695/LB Burglar Alarm siren fitted to front elevation of house. Front three rotting windows repaired/restored up to 80% and then repainted. All other windows stripped back and painted. Cracks on the front of the house repaired and then entire house painted - Flint Side Cottage 2 Booseys Walk, New Buckenham


7. Financial Matters (Clerk):

(a) To note the Bank Reconciliation to the end of June 2018 (attached)

(b) To approve the renewal of the Council's insurance policy  (details to follow)

(c) To approve payments as per the attached list

(d) To receive a budget monitoring report (attached)

8. Neighbourhood Plan (MM)

To discuss any relevant issues relating to the Neighbourhood Plan


9. Village Hall Trust AGM

(a) To note that the New Buckenham Village Hall Trust AGM is on Tuesday 24 July 2018, to which all are invited.

(b) To appoint the Parish Council’s nominee to the trust for 2018/19 (currently Cllr Bingham)


10. Moat Lane: Pothole repairs

To consider quotations received for the repair of the pothole in Moat Lane, and to consider what action to take. 

11. Amenities 
To receive updates (where available) on the following:

(a) Cemetery 

(b) Allotments 

(c) Closed Churchyard 

(d) Play area

(e) Cricket Pitch

(f) Grounds Maintenance

12. Projects

To receive updates (where available) on the following:

(a) Parish Council Notice Board 

(b) Street Lighting

(c) Community Car Scheme


13. Date of next meeting
To note the next meeting of the Council will be held on Tuesday 11 September 2018 (there being no meeting in August)